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Free shipping on orders worth $125 or above

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Custom Cut Foam

COASEB.COM is known for selling custom cut foam of high quality HR Foams Like HR 33,HR 44, HR 50,HR 70 and Gel memomery, Viscose Foam. Memory Foam, Packaging Foam, Medume Density and High Density 1.8 38 Our dedication to excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction has set us apart from our competitors. That is not all, as we are also capable of delivering long-lasting custom Mattresses, Bunking mattresses, Folding mattresses, Rv Mattress and Camping mattresses. Our expert foam and cover designers are extremely good at what they do. Above all, we demonstrate great professionalism in how we communicate with our customers.

Custom Foams

Producing custom foams at COASEB.COM is one of the things we know how to do best. There is almost no limit to how we can customize your upholstery foam and cushion foam. Our workflow requires that you submit the details of how you want your foam to be customized, and our engineers will take it from there. Whether you want an L shape, T shape, or Circle Foam or any others shape knows how to give you the best quality. And to lessen the burden that comes with pre-designed foams, we have made sure our foams exist in different distributions. You can get our Couch cushion foam in high-density distributions and otherwise. The reason for that is to enable us meet the needs of different customers.

High-density Foams and high resiliance

High-density foam is becoming a common sight in most homes and offices today. Though more expensive than other foam distributions, high-density foams are a more ideal option for places that are noted for high traffic. With high-density custom cut foams, you won’t bother about changing foams even though such foams will be used regularly or on daily basis. We have low-density foams that are perfect for foam padding and cushion pad. We design and deliver high-quality low-density foams that can last you for extended periods.

DIY Foams

It is not all about us at COASEB.COM. Everything we do is about the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we have made a provision for customers that wish to order custom cut foams and make covers by themselves. You can use such foams for seats, cushions, and mattresses. Additionally, we also accept orders from customers who prefer to cut the foam themselves and do every other thing. We have special foams for such 100% DIY projects.

Order Your Foams

Ordering your foams on our platform is as easy as taking a walk in a park. You just need to visit our website and submit the parameters of the foam you seek. Input boxes for height, width, shape and thickness have all been provided. When all the details have been sorted out, we will deliver the foam to your house. This is one of our efforts to simplify the buying process for customers.

Get Your Free Quotes

It is pointless to guess how much you will pay for a particular foam. Just use our updated foam calculator and enter the details of the foam you desire. That way, you can find out the exact cost of the foam you intend to buy. No need to wait for customer service. The site is fully interactive to enhance the user's experience. for placeing order please folow this link